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Type: Choice of Sharing or Private
Featured Stops: 5, Ile au Phare, Ile De La Passe, GRSE Waterfall, Ile Aux Cerfs, Ile Aux Aigrettes, lunch bbq

Free Cancellation

Duration From 6 to 8 hours

Place South West Mauritius

Language: English, French, German, Italy

  • Entrance Fees Included
  • Guided Tour
  • Meal Included
  • Hotel Pick Up


  • Visit to the Ile au Phare
  • Visit to the Ile De La Passe
  • Watching the GRSE Waterfall
  • Visit to the Ile Aux Cerfs
  • Visit to the Ile Aux Aigrettes
  • Lunch and BBQ

What to expect

Mauritius Excursions Overview

As our one of the best Mauritius excursions tour name explains, this is an oceanic enthusiast’s journey focused on visiting the popular small islands. Enjoy your time during the course by swimming, snorkelling, surfing, and relaxing on the islands. See the marine life during your expedition in these types of Mauritius excursions under your boat that runs wildly along your side. During the trip, our professional guide will share his knowledge about the places which adds more entertainment and makes the trip memorable for ages. 


Ile au Phare, or Lighthouse Island, captivates tourists with its timeless charm and historical significance. The island earned its name from a majestic lighthouse built in the 19th century. This iconic structure stands as a silent witness to Mauritius’s maritime history and offers visitors a glimpse into the island’s past. You can be sure this is the one of the best Mauritius excursions you have ever been onto.


What makes Ile au Phare famous is the perfect blend of history and natural beauty. It serves as a testament to Mauritius’s rich maritime heritage, inviting travelers in these types of Mauritius excursions to explore its shores and relish the soothing ambiance that pervades the island. 


Talking about Ile De La Passe, located off the east coast of Mauritius, is a place where history and nature converge and this place surely gets its name in our tour consisting of several interesting Mauritius excursions. Renowned for its role in the Battle of Grand Port during the Napoleonic Wars, the island is a treasure trove of historical artifacts. The remnants of old fortifications and cannon emplacements tell the tale of a significant naval conflict.


Tourists are drawn to Ile De La Passe not only for its historical significance but also for its natural splendor and because it is globally considered among the most thrilling Mauritius excursions. The island boasts pristine beaches and vibrant marine life, making it a haven for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Snorkeling and diving around the island reveal colorful coral reefs and diverse underwater ecosystems. 


The GRSE Waterfall is one of the must-go-to Mauritius excursions which is nestled in the Grand River South East region, is a breathtaking natural marvel that epitomizes Mauritius’s lush landscapes. This cascading waterfall, surrounded by verdant terrain, invites tourists to embark on a journey through nature’s wonders.


What makes the GRSE Waterfall famous is not just its beauty but the experience it offers. Visitors often embark on scenic treks through the lush greenery to reach the waterfall, encountering the island’s rich flora and fauna along the way. Once there, the refreshing cascade becomes a tranquil spot for relaxation and rejuvenation and thus the location earned its respect in our list of best Mauritius excursions.


The waterfall symbolizes Mauritius’s commitment to preserving its ecological treasures and sharing them with those who appreciate the wonders of the natural world. It’s a must-visit destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat in the heart of the island’s interior. 


Ile Aux Cerfs, a tropical paradise off the east coast of Mauritius, is celebrated for its luxury, leisure, and pristine beauty. The island’s fame is anchored in its exquisite beaches, turquoise lagoons, and world-class golf courses. It’s a quintessential tropical escape that caters to a diverse range of interests.


Apart from golf, Ile Aux Cerfs offers vibrant water sports, delectable dining experiences at beachside restaurants, and the sheer pleasure of lounging on sun-kissed shores. The island epitomizes the tropical paradise that Mauritius is renowned for, inviting visitors to indulge in luxury, savor culinary delights, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty that surrounds the island.


Ile Aux Aigrettes, declared a Nature Reserve in 1965, stands as a conservation gem that showcases Mauritius’s dedication to preserving its unique biodiversity. Situated off the southeast coast, the island is a sanctuary for rare plant species and endangered wildlife.


Tourists visiting Ile Aux Aigrettes embark on a journey through time, exploring the last remnants of a coastal forest that once covered much of Mauritius. Guided tours offer insights into the conservation efforts to protect the island’s flora and fauna, fostering an appreciation for ecological balance.


The fame of Ile Aux Aigrettes lies in its educational and enriching experiences. It serves as a reminder of the delicate ecosystems that need protection and the importance of environmental stewardship. The island provides a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with nature and witness firsthand the efforts to safeguard Mauritius’s natural heritage. At Mauritius Holidays, we ensure your trip is worth the time, entertainment, and price. Want to know about more exclusive offers? Contact us anytime or send your queries and our representative will get back to you right away.



Ile au Phare & Ile De La Passe

Your adventure begins at 9:30 a.m. from Pointe Jérôme. Picture yourself diving into the azure wonders of the Blue-Bay Marine Park or the aquatic marvels of Trou Moutou, unveiling the hidden treasures beneath the ocean’s surface.

As you navigate the pristine waters, you will come to the Ile au Phare, another small island. Descend onto the island, where tales of maritime history come alive. You journey continues to Ile De La Passe, where our expert and experienced guide will tell you about the epic Battle of Vieux-Grand-Port, narrating stories etched in the island’s rich past.

GRSE Waterfall

Next you will reach the majestic GRSE Waterfall, a breathtaking spectacle that cascades nature’s grandeur upon you. Hungry right? Let’s have a delightful lunch on the wild coast of Ile Aux Cerfs, where you will enjoy the flavors amid the island’s untouched beauty.

Ile Aux Cerfs

After lunch, you will have one hour of leisure on the tourist coast of Ile Aux Cerfs, where you can immerse yourself in the paradisiacal ambiance. Feel the freedom of exploration as you relish the panoramic views and embrace the island’s charms and be the lucky to opt for such exciting Mauritius excursions.

Ile Aux Aigrettes

Your adventure goes further to at Ile Aux Aigrettes, where the turquoise waters invite you to swim, relax, and unwind. Surround yourself with numerous Ile Aux Aigrettes animals such as starfish, Telfair’s Skink, Ornate Day Geckos etc. The journey concludes here and you will reach back to your starting point at 4 p.m. This narrative-laden odyssey promises not just a tour but a timeless tale woven through the enchanting tapestry of Mauritius’s marine wonders.

What’s included

  • Guided tour
  • Entrance fee and tax
  • Transportation
  • Lunch


Meeting point

 The pickup and drop-off will be from your hotel/villa/resort is included in the tour.


Cancellation Policy 

Receive a 100% refund if you cancel up to 1 day before the experience begins.

Booking Fee 

Good news! No extra fees are applied to this booking.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tour suitable for all couples?

Yes, this tour is perfect for couples of all ages, whether on a honeymoon or just seeking a romantic getaway.

What should we bring?

Comfortable shoes, a camera, sunscreen, and a hat are recommended for your comfort and enjoyment.

How long will we spend at each stop?

Each stop is thoughtfully timed to offer a fulfilling experience, typically lasting around 1 to 1.5 hours.

Are there any age restrictions for this tour?

The tour is primarily designed for adults. For specific age-related queries, feel free to contact us.

Top Reviews for Fabulous Mauritius Holidays

Our family’s excursion tour with Mauritius Holidays was simply unforgettable. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly, making every site we visited come alive with stories and facts. The tour was well-organized, ensuring we saw all the must-visit spots without feeling rushed. A truly fantastic experience!

Mike Hardson


Our honeymoon arranged by Mauritius Holidays was the epitome of romance and luxury. The private villa overlooking the ocean was breathtaking, and the tailored romantic excursions made us feel like we were in our own paradise. It was the perfect start to our marriage.

Amy Johnson


Mauritius Holidays turned our dream wedding into a reality. The beach setting was straight out of a fairy tale, and the team’s attention to detail made our special day absolutely perfect. From the stunning floral arrangements to the exquisite food, every aspect was handled flawlessly.

Luaka Smith


The accommodation arranged by Mauritius Holidays exceeded all our expectations. Our beachfront villa offered stunning views and luxurious comfort, making our stay in Mauritius an indulgent experience we’ll never forget.

Kristin Watson


Our cruise trip around Mauritius, arranged by Mauritius Holidays, was spectacular. The blend of luxury, adventure, and the mesmerizing beauty of the Mauritian coastline was captivating. It was an unforgettable journey on the Indian Ocean.

Ralph Edwards


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