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15 Crag Terrace, Ballymanaggin, Dublin, D22 YW60, Ireland

Cadwell Road , Henrietta , Plaines Wilhems Mauritius

Mauritius Spa And Wellness

This holiday pamper yourself with our spa services. Discover the ultimate relaxation and refresh with our Mauritius spa and wellness offerings, a blissful pamper treatment  for mind, body, and spirit.

Relaxing Massage Services in Mauritius

Experience the high quality of relaxation with our diverse range of massages in Mauritius.

From soothing full-body massages to specialised treatments at our Mauritius massage spa, each service is designed to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Our skilled therapists use a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques to provide you with a deeply relaxing and revitalising premium massage packages, perfect for your stay in Mauritius.


Our Range of Spa Packages Options

We understand that every traveller has unique needs, which is why we offer a variety of spa packages options to suit every requirement and budget.


Prince Maurice Spa Packages



Long Beach Mauritius



Ambre Mauritius



Anelia Resort & Spa



La Pirogue Mauritius



Sugar Beach Mauritius



Find Our Variety of Spa and Wellness Options

We offer a range of spa and wellness services, each one is  designed to provide you with the utmost relaxation and revival. Our full-body massages in Mauritius are perfect for relaxing, expertly delivered to ease tension and enhance overall well-being.

In our premier Mauritius massage spa, you’ll find a peaceful environment for various therapeutic treatments, each promising a restorative spa experience.

Moreover, we believe luxury should be accessible, so we offer affordable massage options in Mauritius, ensuring you can enjoy top-quality spa services while staying on  budget.

Benefits of Mauritius Holidays

something for everyone


Offering the most extensive range of attractions and holiday activities in Mauritius, from budget to luxury, individual to groups, standard to fully tailor-made package, you are sure to enjoy a dream holiday according to your every wish and desire.

low prices


Getting a great deal makes a fantastic trip even better. Mauritius Attractions offers very attractive prices, typically 20-35% lower priced compared to any other agency operating in Mauritius. Now your wallet can relax like it's on vacation, too.

customer service


Our emphasis on quality services has rewarded us with the recognition of being the industry leaders in Mauritius. All our clients are sure to benefit from years of experience catering for many thousand of customers focusing on your max satisfaction

Mauritius Spa and Wellness Tailored for Every Traveller

Whether you’re seeking a solitary retreat or a revitalising break, our Mauritius spa and wellness services cater to every preference.

Enjoy refreshing treatments in serene environments, each designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

From solo travelers to couples seeking a romantic spa experience, our services are tailored to suit your individual needs, ensuring a uniquely satisfying experience.


Top Reviews for Fabular Holidays

Our family's excursion tour with Fabular Holidays was simply unforgettable. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly, making every site we visited come alive with stories and facts. The tour was well-organized, ensuring we saw all the must-visit spots without feeling rushed. A truly fantastic experience!

Mike Hardson


Our honeymoon arranged by Fabular Holidays was the epitome of romance and luxury. The private villa overlooking the ocean was breathtaking, and the tailored romantic excursions made us feel like we were in our own paradise. It was the perfect start to our marriage.

Amy Johnson


Fabular Holidays turned our dream wedding into a reality. The beach setting was straight out of a fairy tale, and the team's attention to detail made our special day absolutely perfect. From the stunning floral arrangements to the exquisite food, every aspect was handled flawlessly.

Luaka Smith


The accommodation arranged by Fabular Holidays exceeded all our expectations. Our beachfront villa offered stunning views and luxurious comfort, making our stay in Mauritius an indulgent experience we'll never forget.

Kristin Watson


Our cruise trip around Mauritius, arranged by Fabular Holidays, was spectacular. The blend of luxury, adventure, and the mesmerizing beauty of the Mauritian coastline was captivating. It was an unforgettable journey on the Indian Ocean.

Ralph Edwards


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of spa and wellness services do you offer?

Our Mauritius spa and wellness services include a range of treatments such as full-body massages, facials, aromatherapy, and specialised wellness therapies designed to rejuvenate both body and mind.

Can I customise my spa and wellness experience?

Absolutely! We offer personalised spa and wellness experiences. You can choose from our menu of services or let us tailor a package to suit your specific preferences and needs.

Are your spa facilities suitable for couples?

Yes, our spa facilities in Mauritius are perfect for couples. We offer couples massages and dual treatments in a serene environment, ideal for those looking to enjoy a relaxing experience together.

Do you offer any special packages for spa and wellness?

We do offer special spa and wellness packages in Mauritius, which may include a combination of treatments, access to additional facilities like saunas or pools, and sometimes inclusive of meals or refreshments.

How can I book a spa and wellness session?

Booking a spa session is easy. You can book directly through our website, call us, or send an inquiry via email. We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak seasons.

Are there any wellness activities included, like yoga or meditation classes?

Yes, we offer a variety of wellness activities such as yoga and meditation classes, which are a great complement to our spa treatments. These activities are designed to enhance your overall wellness experience during your stay in Mauritius.

Begin Your Trip With Mauritius Spa Treatments

Come to Mauritius for a vacation where you’ll be calm and refreshed. Contact us via call or visit our website to discover our spa and wellness offerings and plan your perfect spa retreat in this island paradise.

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15 Crag Terrace, Ballymanaggin, Dublin, D22 YW60, Ireland

+353 1 912 51 46

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