Mahebourg Mauritius authentic wine and dine tour

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Type: Choice of Sharing or Private
Featured Stops: 5, Takamaka Wine, Cassava, Jardin De Beau Vallon, Ile Aux Aigrettes, Mahebourg Market

Free Cancellation

Duration From 6 to 8 hours

Place South West Mauritius

Language: English, French, German, Italy

  • Entrance Fees Included
  • Guided Tour
  • Meal Included
  • Hotel Pick Up


  • Visit the famous winery and taste the finest Takamaka wine from exquisite lychees.
  • Visit the factory and taste Cassava biscuits and similar products.
  • Visit Le Jardin De Beau Vallon which has a refreshing swimming pool and lush garden.
  • Sail to Ile Aux Aigrettes for a refreshing cocktail and a swim in the clear lagoon surrounded by starfish. 
  • Explore Mahebourg Market’s vibrant local culture that has economic prices on textiles, seashells, fresh produce, and irresistible Mauritian delicacies.

What to expect

Mahebourg Mauritius Overview

Discover the artistry of Takamaka Wine at Mahebourg Mauritius, where the tasty wine is made from the purest lychees and not grapes. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry at Cassava, delving into local traditions and culinary wonders. Explore the vibrant Jardin De Beau Vallon, a botanical haven teeming with exotic flora. Witness the ecological marvel of Ile aux Aigrettes at Mahebourg Mauritius, a sanctuary for endangered species. Visit the bustling Mahebourg Market, where the lively atmosphere and diverse stalls showcase the heart and soul of Mauritius.

Each stop promises an enriching journey, blending nature, culture, and the vibrant spirit of this island paradise.The inception of Takamaka Boutique Winery arose from the resolute commitment of a fervent vintner, Alexander Oxenham. As the sole oenologist on the island, he willingly embraced the task of crafting wine from lychees. Motivated by Mauritius’s longstanding custom of concocting alcoholic beverages from its indigenous tropical fruits, Alexander Oxenham aimed to redefine the art of winemaking.

Through audacity, technical expertise, and a generous dose of enjoyment, he established the sole winery in Mahebourg Mauritius exclusively dedicated to lychee wine production. Mr. Alexander takes pride in his role as a vintner, boasting a collection of locally crafted wines brimming with distinctive character. At Takamaka, lychee wine is meticulously created from the pulp of handpicked, peeled, and deseeded fruits, undergoing fermentation for up to three weeks.

The Cassava Introduced to Mahebourg Mauritius by Mahé de Labourdonnais in 1735, and locally known as Manioc, cassava initially served as cattle and slave sustenance. However, during World War I, it gained popularity amid shortages of staples like wheat flour. The cassava biscuit factory, a familial venture since 1870, has preserved its originality in Mahebourg Mauritius. This enduring enterprise originated the renowned and widely enjoyed manioc biscuit, maintaining traditions from its inception.


Ile Aux Aigrettes, declared a Nature Reserve in 1965 in Mahebourg Mauritius, stands as a globally significant conservation site. Its name originates from a colony of graceful white fishing birds known as Egrets, which inhabited the island in the 1600s. This island hosts unique plant species that are exclusive to Ile Aux Aigrettes, representing the final remnants of a coastal forest that once enveloped a significant part of Mauritius.

Notably, 18 Mauritian plant species found on the island are classified as endangered or very rare. At Mauritius Holidays, we ensure your trip is worth the time, entertainment, and price. Want to know about more exclusive offers? Contact us anytime or send your queries and our representative will get back to you right away.




Takamaka Wine

So our first location of this journey starts with a warm welcome by a dedicated team or the oenologist at Takamaka Wine. You will learn here the process of making Lychee Wine, immersing yourself in a unique, handcrafted winery ambiance. Apart from experiencing the wine during your Takamaka Winery Tour; explore the history and various stages of winemaking through a documentary.

Relish a Takamaka Wine tasting session featuring exotic flavors and exquisite wines while the owner shares insights. Children are treated to complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Conclude your visit to the famous Mauritius winery with memorable shopping at the boutique, the exclusive point of sale for unique wines, local products, and souvenirs, and ensure you have a memorable experience to share.



Step back in time at Rault Biscuit Factory, witnessing biscuit-making traditions from the 1800s, involving manual operations, Cassava based cookies, and flavors unique to Mauritius. After the insightful tour, don’t miss grabbing a pack of these special biscuits, available in various flavors, a perfect accompaniment to your tea or coffee. This visit isn’t just for food enthusiasts but also a chance to support a family-owned business preserving its practices and delivering manioc benefits to its customers since the 19th century, making it a must-do experience on your itinerary.


Jardin De Beau Vallon


Your next trip will be at the Le Jardin De Beau Vallon in Mahebourg Mauritius. It is a charming retreat with an outdoor pool and verdant gardens. Beau Vallon Mauritius is a famous hotel for businessmen or tourists where you will have a well-decorated unit, boasting a private entrance and terrace. This place offers garden views, air conditioning, and a cozy sitting area. Relax in comfort with a private bathroom and enjoy amenities like a desk and a safe. Dive into culinary delights at the hotel’s restaurant and bar, or opt for packed lunches. The attentive staff can help organize car rentals, airport shuttles, or exciting excursions


Ile Aux Aigrettes 


After exploring the shipwreck, proceed to Ile Aux Aigrettes Island. Here the moment calls for calm and relaxation. So savor a cocktail and take a dip in the crystal-clear lagoon to enjoy a natural swimming pool which is home to numerous Ile aux Aigrettes animals such as starfish, Telfair’s Skink, Ornate Day Geckos, etc.


Mahebourg Market 


Finally, your last trip in this package concludes at the Mahebourg Market. Dive into a shopper’s haven, discovering fantastic bargains amidst an array of captivating products on a typical Mahebourg Market day. Initially, the Mahebourg Market clothes were made from silk and sold here, but as time evolved, the market now keeps a sizeable collection of local handicrafts. So do not forget to buy souvenirs from here also.

While you are here enjoying the Mahebourg weather, you must not forget to taste popular meals ranging from Briyani to Dholl Puri, offering a delectable lunch. Opt for the scenic Mahebourg Waterfront to savor your meal with panoramic views. Blend both experiences seamlessly into your day, creating lasting memories of Mauritius’ lively markets, colorful culture, and mouthwatering delights.

What’s included

  • Guided tour
  • Entrance fee and tax
  • Transportation
  • Lunch


Meeting point

 The pickup and drop-off will be from your hotel/villa/resort is included in the tour.


Cancellation Policy 

Receive a 100% refund if you cancel up to 1 day before the experience begins.

Booking Fee 

Good news! No extra fees are applied to this booking.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tour suitable for all couples?

Yes, this tour is perfect for couples of all ages, whether on a honeymoon or just seeking a romantic getaway.

What should we bring?

Comfortable shoes, a camera, sunscreen, and a hat are recommended for your comfort and enjoyment.

How long will we spend at each stop?

Each stop is thoughtfully timed to offer a fulfilling experience, typically lasting around 1 to 1.5 hours.

Are there any age restrictions for this tour?

The tour is primarily designed for adults. For specific age-related queries, feel free to contact us.

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