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10 Best Mauritius Family Holiday Beaches

10 Best Mauritius Family Holiday Beaches


Planning a family getaway and wondering where to spend the best family beach vacations? If you are still stuck on the question, which part of Mauritius has best beaches? Your quest ends here. As you read, you will be amazed to find out about the best beaches in Mauritius for families willing to spend a memorable vacation of their life. Here you will get all the answers to make your Mauritius Family Holiday unforgettable. Discover the ultimate 10 best family beach vacation spots that promise relaxation, laughter, and endless fun.

Ile aux Cerfs

Our first beach on the list of the best family beach vacations is the Ile aux Cerfs in Mauritius. Amid other exciting Mauritius beaches, it is a place where excitement meets relaxation in perfect harmony. Feel the irresistible adrenaline rush as you explore the lush greenery or immerse yourself in underwater sea walks and snorkeling in Ile aux Cerfs. For the enthusiasts, daring souls and Mauritius Family Holiday lovers, the beach offers parasailing and breathtaking views of nature.

The beach also has something for the golf enthusiasts. They can tee off against a backdrop of turquoise waters and set their mark on Mauritius. île aux Cerfs is also known for the famous Grand River South East Waterfalls and some enchanting Sega dance vibes on a catamaran. Ile aux Cerfs isn’t just an island; it’s a symphony of unforgettable experiences, blending thrill and chill seamlessly.

Blue Bay Beach 

Next on the list of Mauritius Family Holiday is the Blue Bay beach in the southeast of Mauritius. The history depicts its establishment in 1997 and it was recognized as a Ramsar wetland site in 2008. Vibrant coral gardens are brimming with diverse aquatic life in this marine paradise. It is Ideal for snorkeling where the explorers get to experience the calm and shallow waters as they unveil a rich biodiversity. One of the tourists’ favorites is the glass-bottom boat. The trip starts from Mahebourg and lets you discover unique 38 identified coral species.

There is a subaquatic haven that hosts a diverse marine ecosystem which means you get to see unique butterfly fish, sea turtles, vibrant coral formations, and a lot more. On this glass boat, you can opt to view the marine life under the boat via glass or plunge into a realm of breathtaking underwater beauty by snorkeling. The Blue Bay beach gets its place in our 10 best Mauritius Family Holiday beaches.

Le Morne Beach

Le Morne Beach is nestled at the foot of the Morne Brabant mountain on the west coast, a UNESCO-listed heritage. While you plan to explore several best beaches Mauritius offers for families and couples, do not forget to pay a visit to its vast white sands, framed by casuarina trees and crystal-clear waters. It is known as the world’s famous premier kite surfing spot. While you are spending Mauritius Family Holidays here, the beach offers year-round ideal conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing and hosts events like Kiteival.

While weekends may draw crowds, it remains a refreshing spot for swimming. From pedal boating to kayaking, Le Morne Beach is undoubtedly a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation against the stunning Morne Brabant backdrop. To get the best experience here, the best time to visit is early morning or late afternoon.

Tamarin Bay

Our next pick in our list of 10 best Mauritius Family Holiday is Tamarin Beach, a gem on Mauritius’ west coast that started as a cozy fisherman’s village and turned into a peaceful retreat. It was initially a haven for surfers but now turns out to be a calm oasis, letting nearby Le Morne take the surf spotlight. Tamarin Bay, in the Black River district, is super convenient for buses to cool spots.

So can you swim in Mauritius beaches? Yes of course! With a tropical vibe all year, not only can you dive into water sports like surfing, bodyboarding, and paddleboarding, but you can even swim to your heart’s content. For nature praise, there is hiking, waterfalls, and the charming Chamarel to explore. There is even a Tamarina Golf Club with its 18-hole course and amazing views so golfers going to like it.

Belle Mare Beach

Up next in the ultimate 10 best Mauritius Family Holiday beaches, Belle Mare Beach sits on the east side of Mauritius. It unfolds as an extensive stretch of shoreline, reaching from Belle Mare village to Trou D’Eau Douce. Here, turquoise lagoons blend into crystal-clear waters, embraced by pristine white sands and lush greenery.

With shallow, calming waters, the beach beckons relaxation, making it a haven for swimmers. From tube riding to parasailing there is so much to do for everyone. Hotels along the coast and charming local street food stalls enhance the vibrant atmosphere. For a more tranquil experience, weekdays are recommended to escape the weekend crowds at Belle Mare Beach.

Gris Gris Beach 

The next one is Gris Gris Beach, a slice of paradise in Mauritius. With stunning beaches, each with its unique charm, Gris Gris Beach stands out from the rest. It is known for its captivating beauty formed by powerful waves and basaltic rocks and creates mesmerizing formations. Beyond its picturesque allure, Gris Gris carries tales of its origin and the intriguing reason behind its name.

With no coral barrier, you can see how remarkable shapes are carved into the landscape. Unlike the serene beaches in South Mauritius, Gris Gris offers a dynamic spectacle with golden sands and a turbulent sea. As waves crash against the rocks, the scene unfolds like nature shedding tears from the cliffs, making Gris Gris a must-visit destination.

St Felix Beach

Here is the St Felix Beach, among our Mauritius beaches list that attracts nature lovers with its unspoiled charm. The secluded gem boasts rocky cliffs, soft sands, and crashing waves, forming a panorama for intrepid explorers. Though swimming is prohibited due to strong currents, the beach provides an ideal backdrop for strolls along the shoreline.

St Felix Beach scores its place in the ultimate 10 best Mauritius Family Holiday beaches. It is crowned as one of Mauritius’ most picturesque beaches, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing scenery and tranquility of this hidden coastal retreat.

Riviere Des Galets Beach

Riviere Des Galets beach features smooth pebbles adorning its shoreline and thus earns its name. Unlike typical sandy beaches in Mauritius that are known as the center of attractions in Mauritius, these grayish pebbles create a visually striking contrast. Beyond its beautiful appeal, the beach is known for surf enthusiasts, offering fantastic opportunities to catch some waves. With its unique charm, Riviere Des Galets Beach stands out as a distinctive coastal destination in Mauritius.

Lux Grand Baie Beach

Lux Grand Baie Beach resides on the northwest coast of Mauritius and is a bustling hub cherished by both locals and tourists. Renowned for its lively ambiance and vibrant surroundings, it seamlessly combines natural beauty with a lively beach scene. What sets it apart is its immediate access to a town with restaurants, bars, and shops. Lux Grand Baie offers a spectrum of activities, from skydiving and windsurfing to shopping and dining.

As you are fully immersed during our Mauritius Family Holiday, you will find yourself unintentionally Indulged in diverse cuisines, shopping for souvenirs, or savoring a drink around a corner while soaking in the mesmerizing ocean views. As one of Mauritius’ finest, Grand Baie Beach stands out as a top-notch coastal destination, possibly ranking among Africa’s best.

Flat Island or Île Plate

Île Plate, or Flat Island is the last beach in the list of best family beach vacations and sits just 11 kilometers north of Cap Malheureux, Mauritius. Dominated by a solitary hill and crowned with a functional lighthouse, it stands out among the northern islets. This 253-hectare Flatt Island is the largest in the region and boasts modified vegetation complemented by the striking Pigeon Rock to the north which is a haven for seabird nesting Sea lovers regard it as the hotspot for snorkeling and diving as it attracts them with its fantastic underwater sites.

The beauty extends to its pristine beaches lapped by crystal-clear turquoise waters, making Flat Island a popular destination for those seeking both aquatic adventures and serene coastal beauty.

The Takeaway

So while there are several things to do in Mauritius such as hiking, quad biking, eating, and shopping, you will be convinced that you should not miss the 10 best Mauritius Family Holiday beach spots. Despite mesmerizing beaches, there are other attractive places to visit in Mauritius such as Grand Bassin, Takamaka winery, and Bois Cheri tea factory. Mauritius Holidays offers you the opportunity to explore all the jaw-dropping locations and enchanting natural sceneries and have a memorable Mauritius vacation of your life.

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